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In order to support a safe and secure campus environment for our Lobo community, beginning Monday, August 15, 2022, building access control will be activated at the UNM John and June Perovich Business Center located at Lomas and University. See here for more information.



Inventory Control has introduced a new Inventory Management system for campus wide use!

Please see the UNM Inventory Assistant page for more information and access the new system through the AppTree tile on the myUNM Staff page (

Getting Started Guide


FY22 Annual Physical Inventory (Wave) Schedule: 

WaveTypeDistribution DateDue Date


Each Org is assigned to one of four Waves. Before the Distribution Date for each Wave, each of the Inventory Contacts with an Org in that Wave will receive an email to verify the Orgs that they are responsible for.

On the Distribution Date, a conversation will appear in the Inventory Assistant (AppTree) listing the equipment to be verified.

The Inventory Assistant will be the environment for all inventory work; Location/Condition Code/Memo/Serial Number updates as well as Surplus, Deletions, Transfers, and Checkouts/Check-ins.


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Inventory Control
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John and June Perovich Business Center
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Alisha Lopez 
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Accountant 2

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Sr. Fiscal Services Tech