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The AppTree IO app and web client will be used by University Departments to complete their required annual physical inventory of their computer devices, drones, and capital equipment.

The app and web client environments mirror each other. The app has the advantage of being able to scan inventory barcodes using the camera of the device that the app is installed on. The installed camera will also make it easier to attach pictures to the equipment's record. The two environments function the same, so the name Inventory Assistant will refer to both.

The Inventory Assistant has workflows for internal and external transfers, surplus and other disposals, asset checkouts, an asset search feature and the required annual inventory inspection.

The annual physical inventory also provides departments with an accurate inventory of property assigned to the department.

In addition, throughout the year it is the responsibility of departments to make any necessary adjustments to their inventory, which may include disposing of old, obsolete equipment through Surplus Property, update asset condition codes and locations. Departments are also responsible for maintaining accurate records on all non-inventoried property, i.e. all property non overseen by the office of Inventory Control.


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